2016 Smartgeometry Cluster: Atmospheric Delight

2012 Smartgeometry Cluster: Bio-Responsive Building Envelopes

2011- 2012 Solar Climate 

Camouflage: High-Performance Masonry System 

2010 Climate Camouflage

2015 Women in Architecture Award

2012 Smartgeometry Cluster: Form Follows F

2011 R + D Awards: Solar Enclosure For Water Reuse

2010 The Integrated Concentrating Solar Facade System

2004 International Next Generation Design Award

2012 Center for Architecture Science and Ecology

2011- 2012 Creative Achievement Award 

2011  Ecoceramic Masonry System: Advanced Ceramic Composite Envelope

2009 Tensegrity-based Structural Systems Development for Ecologically-regenerative Urban Development along Tropical Coastlines

2001 Urban Paradise Island

2012 Award for Innovative  Academic Program

2011- 2012 Active Modular Phytoremediation System

2011 Holcim Awards "Next Generation" 1st prize 2011 North America

2009 R+D Awards: Active Modular Phytoremediation System

2012 Award for Innovative  Academic Program

2011- 2012 Solar Enclosure for Water Reuse (SEWR)

2010 Center for Architecture Science and Ecology

2009 Structures for Wave Energy Absorption and Colonization of Mangroves

2001 Urban Paradise Island

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