Integrated Concentrated Solar Facade (ICSF)

The Integrated Concentrating Solar Facade (ICSF) is a building-integrated photovoltaic system that takes a dramatically different approach to provide electrical power, thermal energy, enhanced daylighting, and reduced solar gain. The system produces electricity with a concentrating PV cell and captures much of the remaining solar energy as heat for domestic hot water, space heating, and solar cooling. This reduces the building's solar heat gain and enhances interior daylight quality, reducing overuse of artificial lighting. The design and operation of the system increases occupants'views to the outside. The modular design can be attached to a range of existing building structures or incorporated into new designs. ICSF has been developed through a series of prototypes and is currently integrated into building envelopes.

Sponsorship to Date:


Research Teams:

Anna Dyson, Nick Novelli, Jason Vollen, Peter Stark, Kenton Philips, Mohamed Aly, Matt Gindlesparger, Brandon Andow, Satoshi Kiyono 

Industrial Collaborators:

Arzon Solar, SHoP

Other Collaborators:

BEESL Labs in Syracuse, NY

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