Ecological Pavilion

To emphasize transformative and innovative sustainable construction, systems and ideas, the Yale Center for Ecosystems in Architecture – CEA - is collaborating with the UN Environment on an exhibition of future building materials, systems and environmental strategies, all housed within a unique pavilion, entirely 3D printed and made of biodegradable bamboo, designed by the internationally renowned firm SHoP Architects. This installation is intended to demonstrate strategies for solving the global environmental and human crisis associated with housing insecurity. The systems we are featuring show construction materials from post-agricultural waste such as coconut, bamboo, rice, corn, and mycelia. It is also featuring modules, components and small scale demonstrations for energy systems, water purification systems, and sensors to monitor the environmental conditions of the structure.

YALE CEA forged a collaboration with the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science to co-develop building-integrated systems with solar-driven water collection and purification. At the UNEA-4 and UN- Habitat International assemblies we showcased our prototype Solar Enclosure for Water Re-Use (SEWR), using plant-based dyes developed at Yale Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

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