Ecological Living Module

To highlight the need for innovation in the face of rapid urbanization, UN Environment and UN Habitat collaborated with partners led by the Yale University School of Architecture and the Yale Center for Ecosystems in Architecture (CEA) – in collaboration with Gray Organschi Architecture – on an exhibition of a new eco-housing module. The 22-square-meter Ecological Living Module (ELM) sparked debate and proposed new ideas on how to redesign the way we live, through a Built Environment Ecosystem Framework which addresses the following:

  1. Resilient and adaptable construction techniques

  2. Renewable, locally-sourced materials and resources

  3. Secure on-site solar energy

  4. Safe sustainable water capture and purification

  5. Indoor air quality remediation

  6. Waste management integrated with distributed micro-farming

The first demonstration unit, located on the UN Plaza in New York City, during the 2018 High-Level Political Forum, contained features relevant to the local climate and context of New York.

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ELM Teams

Yale CEA: Anna Dyson, Hind Wildman, Nick Novelli, Naomi Keena, Mohamed Aly Etman, Kipp Bradford, Mandi Pretorius, Phoebe Mankiewicz, Christopher Preusch, Marshall James, Paulo Pinheiro, Sheldon McLoed, George Graham, Adam Katzman, Kunhee Chang, Martin Man, Abena Bonna, Emma Crowillard, Valantyn Koziak

Gray Organschi: Lisa Gray, Alan Organschi, Larry Beddall, Elaina Berkowitz, Nathaniel Elmer, Kelley Johnson, Dan Kazer, Josh Kuhr, Seth Lauderdale, Parker Lee, Yanbo Li, Jackson Lindsay, Brittany Olivari, Augie Organschi, Andrew Padron, Andy Ruff, Oscar Scott, Ben Smith, Arghavan Taheri, Aslan Taheri, Joe Weisbord, Jack Wolfe

ELM Collaborators

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Chapel Plumbing
Keith Howard Roofing
Norton Upholstery
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For more information on the ELM, read here