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Renewable bio-based circular material economies in timber, post-agricultural by-products and plant-based bioremediation

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Yale CEA partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme and SHoP Architects, to demonstrate a series of biomaterials innovations from our collaborators across the United States and Africa.

UN Nairobi, Kenya, 2019






Yale CEA: Anna Dyson, Hind Wildman, Nick Novelli, Naomi Keena, Mohamed Aly-Etman, Kipp Bradford, Mandi Pretorius, Phoebe Mankiewicz, Christopher Preusch, Marshall James, Paulo Pinheiro, Sheldon McLoed, George Graham, Adam Katzman, Abena Bonna

Yale University: Eric C. Ryberg, Chiheng Chu, and Jaehong Kim at Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University

UN Habitat Team: Vincent Kitio, Francesca Calisesi

UN Environment Team: Sophie Loral, Catherine Beltrandi

Energies (2022)

Naomi Keena, Marco Raugei, Mae-ling Lokko, Mohamed Aly Etman, Vicky Achnani, Barbara Reck, Anna Dyson (2022)

PLEA 2016 Los Angeles: Towards Regenerative Environments (2017)

Mae-Ling Lokko, Anna Dyson, Alexandra Rempel (2017)

Industry: Branch Technology, Ecovative Design, AMBIS Technologies / Willow Technologies, Strawtec Building Solutions Ltd, HeliOptix LLC

Academic/ National Labs: University of Rwanda, University of Nairobi, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), Kenya Building Research Centre, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)