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CEA is proposing a live testing unit the Built Environment Ecosystem unit (BEE Unit) to evaluate multiple environmental conditions alongside human health indicators in order to establish relationships between environmental factors.

We propose a multi-scalar framework that cross-links multiple environmental factors and HBGD outcomes through our Ecosystem of Systems (ESOS) experimental testing categories. The BEE Unit is an instance of our ESOS framework that allows for parallel testing and physical model analytics of multiple environmental conditions with identified health indicators. Fresh Air: The integrated BEE Unit approach leverages fundamental principles of active material and systems design towards advanced climatic and cultural adaptability, increasing potential deployability and far-reaching impact. Safe Water: The BEE Unit proposes the use of building envelop technologies that provide water collection and pasteurization to provide clean safe water. Clean Energy: The BEE Unit uses sun harvesting technology to provide clean electrical and thermal energy to meet the occupants needs (cooking, cleaning and lighting). Biomaterials: CEA is developing new material resources, upcycled from agriculture waste in order to thrive ecologically efficacious material life cycles that are rooted in the activation of local resources and knowledge economies. Data Infrastructure: CEA is developing a robust data framework employing sensors, simulations, database storage and data analysis tools to dynamically generate visualizations based on database queries using faceted search. Health: Towards an assessment of the relationship between the built environment and outcomes for preterm birth, stunted physical growth and neurocognitive development.

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Anna Dyson,

Mohamed Aly Etman,

Naomi Keena,

Mae-ling Lokko,

Berardo Matalucci,

Nina Wilson,

Justin Shultz,

Kenton Philips,

Jason Vollen,

Josh Draper,

Nancy Diniz,

Mandi Pretorius,

Phoebe Mankiewicz,

Christina Ciardullo

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