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One of the grand challenges facing societies today, is how to keep siloed pools of knowledge accessible and live, in order to strategically analyze the interdependencies between the various impacts, so that we can craft the most impactful interventions to interdisciplinary challenges. Because navigating the nuance of data sets is challenging and keeping track of salient insights is sometimes elusive – particularly in large, distributed teams on complex problems – decision-makers, data scientists, research scientists on very large teams need a user-friendly environment. To meet this need, we are creating Socio-Ecological Visual Analytics (SEVA) as a virtual environment to support scientists and analysts to automatically upload their data and share their thoughts with a wide range of designated stakeholders. SEVA gives decision-makers an opportunity to discover critical insights accelerating data discovery towards decisions and maximize impact. We hope SEVA will facilitate big team science across multiple disciplines that have previously been siloed.

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Sponsorship to Date:

UN Environment,

UN Convention to Combat Desertification, 

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Research Teams:

Anna Dyson,

Naomi Keena,

Mohamed Aly Etman, Christopher Preusch,

Marshall James,

Hind Wildman,


James McCusker, Paulo Pinheiro, Katie Chastain, Marshall James, Josh Draper, John Erickson, David Price, Deborah Chesky, Deb McGuinness, David Isaacson, Alexander Schwartzberg, Adam Lin, Aman Zargarpur, Asher Norland, Beverly Sihsobhon, Birchell Eversole, Charlie You, Mandi Pretorius, Mark Bradley, Mike McDermott, Nicholas Lockwood, Sabrina Munley, Tania Lopes, Vivian Lin, Sarah Abrahamson

Industrial Collaborators:


Select Publications

Keena, N., Raugei, M., Etman, M. A., Ruan, D., & Dyson, A. (2018). Clark’s Crow: A design plugin to support emergy analysis decision making towards sustainable urban ecologies. Ecological Modelling, 367, 42-57.

Keena, Naomi, Mohamed Aly Etman, Josh Draper, Paulo Pinheiro, and Anna Dyson. (2016) "Interactive Visualization for Interdisciplinary Research." Electronic Imaging 2016, no. 1,1-7

Patton, E.,Ravichandar, D., Urschel, M., Bennett, K., Dyson, A., Rogers, K., Collins, C.,and McGuinness, D., (2016) "Augmenting Functional Microbiome Research using a Semantically-Enabled Analytical Infrastructure." In Proceedings of the Bio-Ontologies 2016 conference. International Society for computational biology.

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Graphs can communicate (for instance) the strengths of ties between experiments, collaborators, and model attributes, when interrogated visually.