Contact Information:

Ranjit Arpels-Josiah

Managing Principal

Ranjit is a board certified cardiologist with over 15 years of broad-based clinical experience. As an attending cardiologist in private practice at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, he developed and co-managed a cardiac MRI center. In pursuing his clinical and research interests in cardiovascular risk factors and the role of social determinants in health, Ranjit developed key collaborations with New York University’s Center for Healthful Behavior Change (CHBC) and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Throughout his career, Ranjit has sought to address the disparities in the delivery of medical care, including working in inner city emergency rooms and providing primary care services in Native American communities. He gained valuable insights and experience in public health policy early in his career by assisting in the development of a national AIDS policy at the US Public Health Service. In cofounding EH, Ranjit brings a wealth of clinical knowledge that informs EH’s public health and research services. Ranjit received his MD from the Medical College of Pennsylvania and his Masters in Biochemistry from theat University of Scranton. He has completed his Masters in Global Public Health with a focus on Health Policy, Management and Epidemiology at New York University.