Renewable bio-based circular material economies in timber, post-agricultural by-products and plant-based bioremediation

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Nick Novelli, Justin Shultz, Mohamed Aly Etman, Kenton Phillips, Melanie Derby, Peter Stark, Michael Jensen + Anna Dyson (In review 2021)

System-scale modeling of a building envelope-Integrated, transparent concentrating photovoltaic and thermal collector

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Nick Novelli, Justin Shultz, Anna Dyson + Mohamed Aly Etman (In review 2021)

"Distributed sensing for indoor environments: Comparing measured and simulated indoor airflow data for complex commercial building interiors"

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Indoor Environmental Parameters: Considering Measures of Microbial Ecology in the Characterization of Indoor Air Quality

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LafargeHolcim Awards Prize Winners | Next Generation | Reconnecting with Vegetation

L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui Hors-Série No. 35 (2021)

Architecture | Design | Data
Practice Competency in the Era of Computation

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Active Phytoremediation Wall System

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SOM 2021 Research Prize
Soil Sisters: An Intersectoral Material Design Framework for Soil Health

“Soil Sisters” aims to investigate a new paradigm for connecting agricultural waste to large-scale regional material supply chains, in which improving soil nutrition and soil resiliency underpins the design goal of providing cross-sectoral environmental performance through the provision of new biomaterial construction systems.

LafargeHolcim Names North American Next Generation Prize Winners

Architect Magazine (2021)

Global ambition: ‘Reinventing the DNA of the built environment’

Yale News (2021)

From concrete to steel, how construction makes up the ‘last mile’ of decarbonization

Fortune (2021)

YSoA News: Great Green Wall Implementation Status and Way Ahead to 2030 Report

YSoA News (2019)

Africa Business: Smart housing prototype shows promise in rapidly urbanizing Afric

Africa Business (2019)

UN News: Smart housing prototype shows promise in rapidly urbanizing Africa

UN News (2019)

10 Radical Tiny Homes That Challenge What You Know About Micro Living

Dwell (2019)

enel foundation: Science, innovation and entrepreneurship at UN in Kenya

enel Foundation (2019)

Metropolis: Super-Sustainable Dwelling, Built to Push the Limits of Self-Sufficiency, Goes on View at U.N. Headquarters

Metropolis (2018)

The Architect's Newspaper: Yale University and UN Environment design self-sufficient tiny home

The Architect's Newspaper (2018)

Curbed: Tiny house from UN Environment and Yale raises the bar for eco-living

Curbed (2018)

Bloomberg: Miracle in Midtown: Tiny House May Be Answer to a Global Crisis

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Architect: Ecological Living Module (ELM)

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8 Shelter-Design Innovations Provide High-Tech, Eco-Friendly Paths to Permanence

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New Atlas: UN and Yale team up to offer big ideas on tiny living

New Atlas (2018)

INHABITAT: UN Environment and Yale present a sustainable tiny home in NYC


UN News: UN Environment, Yale University demonstrate how to make modern living sustainable with new eco-housing module

UN News (2018)

Yale News: Yale School of Architecture and UN Environment unveil Eco Living Module

Yale News (2018)

"The Data Journey (DJ) Environment"

Vimeo (2017)

Rensselaer Data Project Addresses Childhood Stunting in Developing Nations.

Every Day Matters RPI (2016)

An imposing building that hums with life-saving capacity

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CASE Project in Ghana Tackles Agricultural Waste.

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Architectural Record Honors Anna Dyson

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Ineffable Architecture, Computation and the Inexpressible

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Researchers Unveil Green Wall Prototype

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A cutting edge solar home

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