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The Yale Center for Ecosystems in Architecture (Yale CEA) unites researchers across multiple fields in the development of transformative systems for the Built Environment. Alongside our partners in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry, we seek to fundamentally re-inform the built environment process, and develop methods for buildings and cities that support biodiversity and resiliency through clean energy, water, and materials. Yale CEA takes a unique approach to transdisciplinary research by leveraging the ongoing knowledge explosion in life sciences and information technology to prioritize the requirements of both human and extended living ecosystems. 


Anna Dyson

Founding Director /Hines Professor

Naomi Keena

Founding Research Scientist / Lecturer

Jaehong Kim

Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Alicia Imperiale

Architectural Critic & Historian

Marshall James

Software Engineer

Phoebe Mankiewicz

Ph.D. Student

I-Ting Tsai

Ph.D. Student

Nick Novelli

Director of Research Engineering

Mohamed Aly Etman

Founding Research Scientist / Lecturer

Ranjit Arpels-Josiah

Managing Principal

Chris Sharples

Architect & Visiting Professor

Sheldon McLeod

Hardware Engineer

Mandi Pretorius

Ph.D. Student

Hind Wildman

Founding Director of Communications

Ning Xiang

Professor Architectural Acoustics

Andrew Rosner

Managing Principal

Christopher Preusch

Electrical & Software Engineer

Phil Bernstein

Architect & Associate Dean

Christina Ciardullo

Ph.D. Student


Dita Zakova

Founder and Director of Ecolibri Organization

Alan Organschi

Architect & Senior Critic

Berardo Matalucci

Building Technology Specialist

Marian Chertow

Professor of Industrial Environmental Management

Joseph Zinter

Research Scientist - Mechanical Engineering & Material Science

Maria Aiolova

Architect & Environmental Designer

Michelle Bell

Professor of Environmental Health

Gavin Hogben

Architect & Critic

Elizabeth Hénaff

Assistant Professor | Integrated Design and Media

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